I cannot accurately put into words how Rebeca has impacted my life. In literally just one session - ONE - she set me straight. Here we are less than two months later and I feel like a completely different person in EVERY aspect of my life. Every working and personal relationship has improved exponentially, my emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health have all sky rocketed, and my business has grown leaps and bounds in ways I thought would take years. Rebeca, you are a God send. Thank you for helping me get *unstuck* and catapulting me to the next level!

Brittanie Mendez

CEO & Founder, PawPals


January my business billed $1800 (it was a rough month!). A 2K retainer client had personal issues and still hasn't returned to her business to this day.  Another $500 retainer copy client ended his service after a year with me. 


That's why I am shocked and grateful af!! to share that I just ended my April billing cycle today and my revenue this month is


$9,299 !!!! 


What changed? I got visible!!!


Thank you Six Figure Society™️. 3-2-1 Power Hour. Thank You Rebeca!!!

Chrisie Augustina

Owner, Chrisie Augustina LLC

Rebeca has positively changed my business, my life and my marriage! 


In just 3 months I increased my personal revenue by 1100% - that is just went into my pocket, not even the amount of growth my business experienced!


So, if you are thinking about joining Six Figure Society™️, just think about how you will feel 6 months from now if you say YES vs if you say NO.

Sariah Fouladi

Founder, PandaSource

Before Six Figure Society™️ I was in a place of overwhelm, overthinking, and burnout. 


Within three months of working with Rebeca in Six Figure Society™️, she helped me simplify and streamline my business and gave me so much clarity about my program and packaging.  


At this point in time, I am actually working less, but my revenue has DOUBLED! 

Founder and CEO, Lil Snoozers

I found a new version of me through Six Figure Society™️. Before joining the program, I was frugal and allowed my cheap money mindset to hold me back.  


Working through my money mindset with Rebeca in Six Figure Society™️, I realized how interconnected it was in my life and my business.


I now know that I have the money mindset tools, to overcome any challenges or self-sabotage that may come up as I grow and scale!  

Brittany Fank

Owner & Founder, Brittany Fank Consulting

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