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Have you ever wondered how it seems that everyone's vision board

comes true, but not yours?


So did I! I kept wondering what was the hidden secret - then it finally clicked! 

I was using my vision board as an online wish list!


A Pinterest board of all the things that I wanted without actually knowing how to get it.


I was the exact description of insanity:

 doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results! 


So after stumbling upon the "hidden secret" 80% of my vision

board started to come true, year after year!


The secret wasn't a secret after all. It was a set of mindset and strategy exercises that makes us take major responsibility for where we are and lead us to great clarity of where we are going!


Now I am sharing the exact steps to get your vision board to come true too! 


This experience was nothing sort of life changing. Rebeca combines progressive tools with uncanny human understanding to forge realistic and specific plan of action. She helps you move forward - to the truth of who you are - and need to become - so that you can be, do and have it all! 


Rebeca Storck Lima I am so deeply grateful to you for doing this! I used to think vision boards are a time waste cuz I won't follow through anyway and my story was that only short term plans and goal cards work for me. But guess what? I had a look at my vision board today and was shocked that the things I wanted most DID come true ❤ ❤ ❤ That's the power of setting an intention (although I didn't even do all the work I was ''supposed to'' but I ended up attracting those opportunities and it was the most wonderful thing to see such progress (if without the work, I got so much out of it I can't imagine how much more I'll win this time when I'm a lot more settled and getting things organized in a way that actually works)

👉So to all you ambitious women out there: if you know what's good for you, you won't wanna miss this!! it's a game-changer! The best thing about Rebeca is she has this magical way of making things SIMPLE and so EASY. plus of course she has the biggest heart and she's the most generous coach in the whole wide world 😍

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